Pliocene Cliffs

The Pliocene Cliffs Nature Reserve is part of the Emilia Romagna regional nature reserve system.

These rocky, sandstone cliffs snake like a natural bastion through the Setta, Reno, Savena, Zena and Idice river valleys, in the province of Bologna, spanning the municipal territories of Monzuno, Pianoro and Sasso Marconi (Bolognese Five Valley Mountain Community).

The rocks of these cliffs were formed from sand and gravel carried by rivers to the vast marine gulf that occupied much of what is now the Bolognese Apennines some 2 million years ago. 

The Pliocene Cliffs are not only interesting for a geological standpoint, but also as a wildlife habitat. Its variegated environment of rocks, woods and meadows is home to a number of species of rare birds.