Enoteca Bengodi Wineshop

Via Roma, 22

Loiano (Bo)

Tel. 0510451725

Cell. 3389427119

@ info@enotecabengodi.com


Open Tues-Sat 9:00 13:00 / 16:00 - 19:30 and Sun mornings.

Closed all day Monday and Thursday afternoons.

Bengodi wine-shop, located in the center of Loiano in a natural wine cellar, offers more than 400 wine labels from all over Italy as well as an interesting selection of imported wines.

The shop also offers an array of fine, home-made or farmer-produced delicacies such as olive oils, pickled and oil-preserved products from the regions of Puglia, Liguria and Lucania, cream spreads and pts, preserves, Cervia salt, Christmas cakes and nougat candy, Tuscan cookies and home-brewed beers.

The Wine-shop also organizes - also by request wine-tasting events for restaurants, agri-tourisms and tourists. During these meeting, usually lasting a couple of hours, various aspects of the wine are taken into consideration, as well as the characteristics of the land where the vineyards are located. The full calendar of events is available on our website.