Il Forno di Calzolari Bakers

Via del Mercato, 2

Monghidoro (BO)

Tel. 05165.55.292


The Calzolari bakers in Monghidoro have been producing breads and cakes for over 50 years.

Thanks to the family’s dedication and collaboration with the Montagna Amica farmers’ association and the Slow Food movement, today the bakery produces certified organic bread, spelt flour bread and bread made from an ancient variety of wheat with a surprising flavor.

Traditional local sweets such as “zuccherini” (spherical, sugar-glazed cookies containing fennel seeds) and “pinze” (jam-filled, oblong, crumbly cakes) filled with mostarda (spicy fruit preserves) are another, long-time specialty of the bakery, while more recently cakes made with 40-day-smoked chestnut flour, honey and spelt cookies and many other newer recipes have been added.