The city of Mantua, one of the hubs of the Italian Renaissance, is beautifully set at the point of confluence of two rivers in the Lombardy Region and has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
The charm of its historic buildings, its churches, squares and museums, built under the patronage of the Gonzaga family, is consecrated in the famous Palazzo Tè, built by the Renaissance architect and painter Giulio Romano.
Outstanding among the scheduled events in Mantua is the Madonnari Contest, held every August 15th in the nearby town of Curtatone. Artists from around the world come together to create chalk  reproductions of sacred images in on the pavement in front of Church, keeping Mantua’s ancient link to religious art alive. 

Mantua is just an hour and fifteen minute drive from Molino del Pero Golf Club along the A1 highway (get on at Sasso Marconi) to Modena, then from there onto the A22 Brenner Pass highway.