Ristorante Marconi

Via Porrettana, 291

Sasso Marconi (Bo)

Tel. 051846216

@ info@ristorantemarconi.it


Closed Sunday evenings and all day Monday.

Situated in the hills of Sasso Marconi, this restaurant welcomes its guests into a refined and elegant ambiance. The passion and professionalism of the brother and sister team of Aurora and Massimo Mazzucchelli enhance and exalt the traditional local cuisine.

Aurora, a Michelin-starred chef, alternates simple, well-balanced dishes with her own inventions that breathe new life into traditional recipes. Massimo, a professional sommelier, oversees the wine-list  and will suggest the perfect wine to accompany your meal chosen from the finest vineyards in the country.

Quality and creativity are the distinguishing features that have made this restaurant a landmark!