Le Mucche di Guglielmo (William’s Cows)

Via Boschi, 2

Monzuno (Bo)

Tel./Fax 051.677.10.54

Cell. 339.83.93.451

@ latte@lemucchediguglielmo.it


“William’s Cows” belong to the Italian Frisona species and were all born here in these barns in the hills near Monzuno. The environment they live in and the food that makes up their diet are what set them apart from other dairy farms.

The owner, Guglielmo Fontanelli, has invested in the entire production line, creating a company that pasteurizes and bottles the milk produced by his cows right on the premises.

To guarantee top quality dairy products, his cows are fed exclusively on hay, giving their milk its unique taste. The farm is open to visitors by appointment with the owner.